We sell specialties and services reliably, efficiently and responsibly. Through Kimicol, you get an immediate and secure response to your transaction needs and executions anywhere in the world.

In addition to constantly seeking new products and segments, tightening our ties for the benefit of our customers, we are always ready to expand this list with the collaboration of our business partner and associates.

We take care of the client's needs, intermediating the negotiation and taking care of all the procedures that we call Indent Sales, from commercial viability to the placement of the material at the destination port or airport.

Trust your expectations in our experience!



Generate positive results for the Principals and Clients, with knowledge, efficiency and determination, meeting the expectations of all involved, because we believe we need each other to carry out our daily activities with wisdom and insight to achieve our goals.


To be recognized and valued for our qualifications, transparency in negotiations and efficiency in customer service.


Our principles are ethic, optimism, responsibility, respect and transparency in relationships, strengthening the well-being of all around us, be they customers, suppliers, representatives and collaborators.